Difference between a Software Unlocked and Factory Unlocked iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone which includes the popularity of the process of how to unlock iPhone 5 and other versions can mean in two different ways. Although it can be confusing for a consumer to understand the word “unlock”, it is best to fully understand both terms for the sake of the device’s safety and security. Some methods of unlocking an iPhone causes damage on the device and sometimes, relocking it when it is not done safely. iPhone users need to ensure to contact a professional and not just rely on themselves in unlocking the device. Using an unlocked iPhone 5 and other versions of it has a lot of benefits. This is the reason there is quite a number from the market who are in need of getting an unlocked device. They have realized that an unlock iPhone allow them to have the freedom in choosing a network provider that would enable them to save on a few bucks on their phone bills.

Factory Unlocked

This term refers to the safest method of unlocking the device. Some professionals online unlock your device through the Apple’s database. Thereby, not only it is efficient, your device will never have the possibilities to be locked again and most of all be damaged. Apple also sells unlock iPhone 5 and other versions however; these devices are sold at a higher price than the usual locked iPhones. These devices do not have a SIM card inserted in it. In addition, it still has the same capabilities and features that of the unlocked device. Oftentimes, travelers prefer to buy these devices else, get ways on how to unlock an iPhone the safest way such as factory unlocked. Whenever a locked device is brought overseas, users still request from their network providers to turn their roaming and international services on. Not to mention, it would cost them more than getting an unlocked device. All they have to do is to bring the unlocked device abroad and get a local pay-as-you-go SIM card. Even if it cost them buying an unlocked device, the advantages have made it worth paying for.UnlockiPhone4s

Software Unlocked

This is commonly known as “jailbreak”. As many users are using this device, consider it unsafe for use. This method allows the device to be hacked to work with the other programs and codes. Furthermore, this method voids the Apple warranty. Thereby, whenever the device is damaged or malfunctions, Apple will no longer be liable for the cause. This method of unlocking the device is not recommended. Also, be extra careful when buying an unlocked iPhone, these devices may be unlocked through this method. Nobody would want to lose all their money over faulty device.

In conclusion, people may think that these two terms are the same. It is necessary for the consumer to determine the distinction between factory unlocked and software unlocked. In order to do so, you can check on the listings. Remember, unlocked iPhones whether factory or software unlocked do not have distinction except for factory unlocked devices where warranty is void.



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