What makes iPhone 4 Still the Winner?

How to unlock iPhone 4? This has always been the most frequently asked questions by every iPhone user. They wanted to take advantage of the features of the phone. Any device bought from a network carrier is locked to its own. In addition, iPhones bought in UK are also locked to its own carrier. It keeps the users from getting another carrier to subscribe with. Unlocking the device is the only solution for the user to continue using his iPhone should he decide to change another network provider. Unhappy users with their carrier look for professionals to safely unlock their device. Thereby, the moment the device is unlocked, they are still able to use and enjoy the features. This is what makes iPhone 4 maintain to be the winner amongst the other devices available in the market.

Man Holding an iPhone

iPhone has been constantly improving which includes its operating system known as iOS. iPhone 4 has introduced these features to prove the number of developments of the device. FaceTime for instance is a software that can allow any iPhone user an innovative way of using the device for communication. In addition, AirPlay and AirPrint allows the user to print documents, listen and play on their favorite music by using the hardware not connected to the device, provided the device is compatible with the iPhone. Other than that multitasking is a feature that enables the user to open minimized applications to the background instead of closing them. Let us focus on some of these features of an iPhone 4 operating system.


Even for an unlock iPhone, since it is safe and easy, it can still allow the user to enjoy the features the way he used to when the phone was still locked. This is a remarkable feature for the iPhone 4. The moment this software is installed on the device, it enables the user to make video chats with his friends and contacts who also have an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2, not to mention, 5th generation iPod touch users can enjoy this application. All it takes is to be connected to any Wi-Fi network and both users can enjoy using FaceTime. Just keep in mind that this program does not work whenever the user is connected to either EDGE or 3G network.


An unlocked iPhone 4 provides freedom for the user to enjoy its features to the limits. Do not take the risks of unlocking the device through jailbreaking. Instead, consider on unlocking it through a professional that unlocks the device by unlocking it through the Apple’s database. Thereby, this feature will still be available even if the iPhone is unlocked. This feature allows the user to open and run multiple applications at the same time. Previous versions of iPhones force the users to close the application in order to open another app. Unlike an unlock iPhone 4, by double-clicking on the “home” button, it directs the user to the list of opened apps that are minimized in the background.

All the other applications and features can still be enjoyed even if the device is unlocked. iPhone 4 still excels from the other devices available in the market.


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