An Overview of a Factory-Unlocked iPhone

Unlockiphone4professor is able to answer the question for a confused consumer who does not know how to decide whether or not to buy a new iPhone or unlock a used device. For a consumer who considers buying an iPhone, at this point, he must be wondering what the differences are in a locked and a factory-unlocked device. Here’s is the deal, locked iPhones may be cheaper and it comes with an added price. Meanwhile, unlocked devices do not have warranty. In other words, if an iPhone is damaged, Apple is not held liable for the damages. Else, there are some consumers who bought their handsets from another country such as UK. These phones are locked. Also, since iPhones bought from AT&T are locked, most consumers prefer to contact a professional to unlock the device in order to save on a few dollars on their phone bill. Thereby, when the handset is brought abroad, users do not need to contact their carrier and activate roaming service. Instead, they only need to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card so his device will be used.

iPhone on Hand

Locked iPhone VS Unlocked iPhone

Most iPhones bought in Europe are unlocked. This simply means the user can have another carrier or SIM card inserted in his device. Meanwhile, iPhones sold in the United States are locked to their own carrier regardless if the device is paid at a full price or under a contract. This is where the growth of the many instant iPhone unlock professionals offering their service. Locked iPhones have a master subsidy lock, also known as the pass code. This is the code that prevents the user to use another carrier for his device.

iPhones are Normally Locked

When iPhone was launched in the United States, Apple and AT&T signed an exclusive contract. This is the reason iPhones are normally sold locked. Therefore, professionals find ways to unlock these devices. They have considered using a hacking process called jailbreaking. Keep in mind that this method has disadvantages that tag along with it. Most possibly, the device will be relocked. This is one of the disadvantages of unlocking the device through jailbreaking. In addition, it is expected for the device to damages in the future. However, there is a safer method in unlocking the device. Unlocking it through the Apple’s database works as if unlocking is a default. As soon as the unlocking process is completed, users can enjoy the features of their handsets without worrying whether or not the device will be relocked. Also, software can still be updated like it used to.

In conclusion, an unlocked iPhone has its advantages that many users enjoy. It has the ability to transfer to another carrier. This way, users are able to save money while still using their handsets. Users have their own reasons in taking advantage of using an unlocked device. Users who often travel have their handsets unlocked. Remember, roaming charges and fees are quite expensive. Users are able to save on a few dollars when they only buy a SIM card and insert on the device. This is what a factory-unlocked iPhone is.


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