5 Things to Consider in Choosing a Credible Unlocking Professional

Unlock iPhoneApple has released its new versions of iPhone including iPhone 4/4S/5, however, consumers still continue to prefer to use an unlock iPhone 4. It always makes a difference when you have your device unlocked. Along with the demand of an unlocked iPhone, it has its advantages. Although there are different ways of unlocking the device, keep in mind that there is a safe method of unlocking your iPhone.

iPhone 4 has its features that would still remain functioning the same as that it was unlocked. It has a processor the same as that from an iPad. Not to mention it has a great camera that enables the user to enjoy taking photos to the limit. Its features gave reasons for users to keep on using their device rather than upgrading or checking other brands. Furthermore, if you have your iPhone 4 unlocked, you would be able to save on a few dollars on the phone bills. If you travel a lot, consider on just getting a SIM card from a local network provider, insert it onto your unlocked iPhone and you are now ready to use your device. Rather than bringing a locked device where you need to ask your network provider and allow your roaming services be turned on. You can imagine how much you would be paying on your next bill whenever you use this service. It is frustrating. Therefore, unlocking the device is the best advice from the experts. Continue reading


Difference between a Software Unlocked and Factory Unlocked iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone which includes the popularity of the process of how to unlock iPhone 5 and other versions can mean in two different ways. Although it can be confusing for a consumer to understand the word “unlock”, it is best to fully understand both terms for the sake of the device’s safety and security. Some methods of unlocking an iPhone causes damage on the device and sometimes, relocking it when it is not done safely. iPhone users need to ensure to contact a professional and not just rely on themselves in unlocking the device. Using an unlocked iPhone 5 and other versions of it has a lot of benefits. This is the reason there is quite a number from the market who are in need of getting an unlocked device. They have realized that an unlock iPhone allow them to have the freedom in choosing a network provider that would enable them to save on a few bucks on their phone bills.

Factory Unlocked

This term refers to the safest method of unlocking the device. Some professionals online unlock your device through the Apple’s database. Thereby, not only it is efficient, your device will never have the possibilities to be locked again and most of all be damaged. Apple also sells unlock iPhone 5 and other versions however; these devices are sold at a higher price than the usual locked iPhones. These devices do not have a SIM card inserted in it. In addition, it still has the same capabilities and features that of the unlocked device. Oftentimes, travelers prefer to buy these devices else, get ways on how to unlock an iPhone the safest way such as factory unlocked. Whenever a locked device is brought overseas, users still request from their network providers to turn their roaming and international services on. Not to mention, it would cost them more than getting an unlocked device. All they have to do is to bring the unlocked device abroad and get a local pay-as-you-go SIM card. Even if it cost them buying an unlocked device, the advantages have made it worth paying for.UnlockiPhone4s Continue reading

What makes iPhone 4 Still the Winner?

How to unlock iPhone 4? This has always been the most frequently asked questions by every iPhone user. They wanted to take advantage of the features of the phone. Any device bought from a network carrier is locked to its own. In addition, iPhones bought in UK are also locked to its own carrier. It keeps the users from getting another carrier to subscribe with. Unlocking the device is the only solution for the user to continue using his iPhone should he decide to change another network provider. Unhappy users with their carrier look for professionals to safely unlock their device. Thereby, the moment the device is unlocked, they are still able to use and enjoy the features. This is what makes iPhone 4 maintain to be the winner amongst the other devices available in the market.

Man Holding an iPhone

iPhone has been constantly improving which includes its operating system known as iOS. iPhone 4 has introduced these features to prove the number of developments of the device. FaceTime for instance is a software that can allow any iPhone user an innovative way of using the device for communication. In addition, AirPlay and AirPrint allows the user to print documents, listen and play on their favorite music by using the hardware not connected to the device, provided the device is compatible with the iPhone. Other than that multitasking is a feature that enables the user to open minimized applications to the background instead of closing them. Let us focus on some of these features of an iPhone 4 operating system.


Even for an unlock iPhone, since it is safe and easy, it can still allow the user to enjoy the features the way he used to when the phone was still locked. This is a remarkable feature for the iPhone 4. The moment this software is installed on the device, it enables the user to make video chats with his friends and contacts who also have an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2, not to mention, 5th generation iPod touch users can enjoy this application. All it takes is to be connected to any Wi-Fi network and both users can enjoy using FaceTime. Just keep in mind that this program does not work whenever the user is connected to either EDGE or 3G network. Continue reading

An Overview of a Factory-Unlocked iPhone

Unlockiphone4professor is able to answer the question for a confused consumer who does not know how to decide whether or not to buy a new iPhone or unlock a used device. For a consumer who considers buying an iPhone, at this point, he must be wondering what the differences are in a locked and a factory-unlocked device. Here’s is the deal, locked iPhones may be cheaper and it comes with an added price. Meanwhile, unlocked devices do not have warranty. In other words, if an iPhone is damaged, Apple is not held liable for the damages. Else, there are some consumers who bought their handsets from another country such as UK. These phones are locked. Also, since iPhones bought from AT&T are locked, most consumers prefer to contact a professional to unlock the device in order to save on a few dollars on their phone bill. Thereby, when the handset is brought abroad, users do not need to contact their carrier and activate roaming service. Instead, they only need to buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card so his device will be used.

iPhone on Hand

Locked iPhone VS Unlocked iPhone

Most iPhones bought in Europe are unlocked. This simply means the user can have another carrier or SIM card inserted in his device. Meanwhile, iPhones sold in the United States are locked to their own carrier regardless if the device is paid at a full price or under a contract. This is where the growth of the many instant iPhone unlock professionals offering their service. Locked iPhones have a master subsidy lock, also known as the pass code. This is the code that prevents the user to use another carrier for his device. Continue reading

Unlocking an iPhone today!

Women Using PhoneYou can unlock your iPhone in the easiest way possible! Professional service unlocks iphones safely without using hacking software or using software modifications such as jailbreaking. While jailbreaking is also an alternative, there are a few risks to using a software modifying tool such as this. Such risks are for example, if you revert back to a locked device and may lose content if you did not backup your device and note that Apple will turn you away should you bring in a device which was unlocked. So, jailbreak-free unlocking services provide a guarantee that you will still get services from Apple!

Unlocking iPhones may cost a few bucks but will there always be a guarantee? Keep in mind that a trusted professional would provide an affordable service unlocking all iPhones with an assurance the service is better than the competitor’s. Whether it is an Iphone4, Iphone4s or even the latest Apple device, professional unlocking services always assure that you can get their best service!

Safe Unlock is one of the features that are used to unlock iPhones. Since the actual IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) is unlocked, the phone will be updated on the Apple database as well. For those of you who don’t know what an IMEI is, it’s a number that is unique to a mobile phone. IMEI is used by a GSM network to identify whether a device is valid or not. It is also useful if the device is stolen hence, the owner can call his network provider and tell them to block the phone number. It is usually found at the back of your device else, on your battery compartment. If for instance, it is difficult to remove the battery and locate the number, you can also view your IME by dialing *#06# at the main screen.

It is easy and convenient to contact a professional who can offer unlocking services for iPhones. They do all of the work to unlock your phone and all you have to do is sit back, relax and all the unlocking services will be done for you. Unlocking an iPhone service does not require you to be tech savvy or know everything about iPhones or any other mobile phone. Credible professionals have the knowledge and expertise. These professionals are the ones who are dedicated to provide you with the best unlocking service in the industry. Programmers can even get the latest iPhone unlocked at the snap of a finger! Continue reading